35 years of teaching and lecturing both in NY where I live and internationally have led me to conclude that our generation’s spiritual and philosophical quests are of a totally different genre than their predecessors. Our youth are  ambitious, honest and craving a  meaningful  experience, yet lack the time  and patience needed to  acquire deep and  comprehensive knowledge.

I dubbed this  generation TSX3 Millenials. TS=Truth seekers. TS=Thrill seekers TS=Triple  speed seekers. I knew I just had to come up with a formula to teach core truths in  about 2 minutes if I wanted to remain relevant and parent my own kids in sync  with their souls’s thirst.
And so with enormous Siyata Dishmaya the B&B Principle was born. Incredulous at the potential impact  this life-changing principle could have on the way we understand Maimonides 13 Fundamentals, I wrote up my thesis in a 100 page booklet and showed  it to over 100 erudite scholars the  world over.
After receiving immensely  enthusiastic responses and  endorsements I created 120 interactive hands-on  workshops that are the  emotional counterparts to the theoretical knowledge. To date, hundreds of participants are live testimony of how these workshops have been eye-opening and  emotionally satisfying. These podcasts are expanded explanations of many  of the topics discussed in the booklet. Each episode highlights how the Unity of Hashem connects  everyone to core truths which provide the clarity  we need to live with wisdom and in joy.